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Parent Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer a number of parents workshops. This gives parents an opportunity to come into school and learn with their children. It is also a valuable insight into the way we teach specific things in reading, phonics and maths. 

Key Stage 1 - Story Book Cafe

Story Book Cafe is where parents/carers come into school and take part in a session based around a story known to the children. The story is shared by the teacher and the children often join in with the repeated refrains or favourite phrases from the story. Several activities are available for the children to choose to take part in with their adult. These vary from literacy focused activities to messy play or even a cooking activity! The session provides parents with an insight into a typical English focused teaching that takes place in school. It supports parents to use different reading strategies when reading to their child at home. 

'The session was fun and interactive. I enjoyed meeting all the parents and having an insight into what my child is learning.'

'Really great session. Excellent to have the children there. Gave me some good ideas about how to support my child at home.'

'The classroom feel to the session was a great experience. It was great to complete activities with my child, thank you.'

'Story cafe was fun; it was so good to work with my daughter. As someone who did not go to school in the U.K it was good to see how stories are shared with my daughter. I know now exactly what I can do with her at home.'

'A very interesting and funny lesson. I can see how happy the children are when they are learning with you. Thank you.'

Key Stage 1 - Phonics Workshop

Parents can come in and take part in a phonics lesson with their child. This lesson is delivered using our Phonics scheme, Essential Letters and Sounds. After the lesson, there will be some fun and engaging activities for parents to complete with their children. It is a great opportunity for parents to see the strategies that we use in school, so that they can support their children at home. At the end of the session, there is a presentation solely for parents, where the teachers will discuss Essential Letters and Sounds in more detail, and answer any questions parents may have.

"It was really helpful, now I can use the same strategies to support my child at home!" 

"The children were all engaged and enthusiastic, this was great to see!"

"I didn't learn to read using Phonics. It was useful to have this session so that I can understand it better" 

"I didn't know what a digraph or trigraph was before today. Now I know what my child is talking about at home!"

Key Stage 2 - Arithmetic Workout

Parents can come in and sit with their child as they take on the arithmetic expected of them at school. This may be done in classes or in their specific maths group. It is a really good opportunity for parents to see the methods taught in school, so that they can support their children at home. 

"I couldn't believe some of the things my child was able to work out."

"This helped me understand the methods the school uses - it is quite different to my day!"

"The children were all so positive and excited about maths - I couldn't believe it."

"I think my child is definitely better at maths than me now!"