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Good attendance and punctuality promotes your child’s learning. 

We encourage and support all of our pupils alongside their families to achieve high levels of attendance and punctuality. We want our pupils to take full advantage of the excellent educational opportunities that are available to them and so enable them to maximise their full potential at school.

Regular attendance and good punctuality can:

  • develop confidence
  • ensure that children make the progress they are capable of
  • enable children to feel more involved in their friendships and the school community
  • develop life skills that are important for the next stage in their education
School is fun!
Reporting your child's absence

If your child is absent from school due to illness or a medical appointment please contact the School Office by phone or email before 9.20 am. After this time, the child will be marked as an unauthorised absence and the school will attempt to contact you.

Absence line  - 0208 363 1406 press 1 for Sketty Road and 2 for Kimberley Gardens


Did you know...

100% attendance = no missed sessions (ideally this is where we would like you to be!)
95% attendance = 19 sessions (over the school year this is nearly 2 weeks of missed learning)
90% attendance = 28 sessions (over the school year this is nearly 3 weeks of missed learning)
80% attendance = 76 sessions (over the school year this is nearly 8 weeks of missed learning)
And even…5 minutes late everyday = nearly 3 whole days of missed learning (and it’s disruptive for the rest of the class who are settled and ready to learn)

Let’s work together to get our attendance and punctuality at George Spicer as high as we can. There are 190 school days per year. Let’s make every one count!

If you would like to speak to a member of the Office staff or one of our Learning Mentors, please get in touch with us.

George Spicer Attendance Policy
Children Missing Education Policy