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This page has been created for parents and pupils so that you can find all you need at this challenging time so that you can keep on being the best pupil and most helpful parent or carer that you can be for you child, so that you can keep in touch with us and most importantly, keep working on being the best version of you there is.

We have already selected for you the best on-line learning platforms and below you will find instructions on how to access these and the other great resources we, your teachers, have prepared for you and your children to go on your Microsoft Teams groups.

Please keep returning to this page as we will update it from time to time.

Pupils, please keep in touch with us via 'Teams'. Why not learn with your mums, dads and carers how it works!  We are here for you, on-line, during the school day, every school day.  Keep learning. Keep smiling.  Keep healthy and Keep safe!

The Guide to Home-Learning

Below there is a 'Parent's Guide to Home Learning'.  You can also click here to get it.  

The first thing is to familiarise yourself with your son or daughters Microsoft Teams platform.  This is where teachers will set work and even conduct virtual learning sessions.

Please do read the Guide for more details on Teams.  There are lots of useful videos on YouTube as well.

Below are some other great resources that your teachers may refer to in communications in Teams or you may just want to take a look at yourselves.  This a long list so please check on Teams first to see what specific activities your child's teacher has set or what your platform your teacher is recommending for a particular topic.

But, before we show you these great resources, please take a moment to read about on-line safety.


On-line Safety

Is your child’s device keeping them safe?

Please be aware that when your children are accessing Microsoft Teams and other educational platforms using their own devices, at home or on the move, and not using the school’s network, it is your responsibility to ensure these devices have:- 

i) up-to-date virus and malware protection and 

ii) the latest updates and patches from the device manufacturer

iii) the latest updates to any software and that 

iv) you have set the highest privacy settings for safe browsing to keep your child safe on-line.

When using the school’s systems’, we have an industry standard firewall which is constantly updated but when not on our network the students do not have the benefits of this. 


Please ensure the device they are using is fit for purpose and you are confident that they can use it safely.

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