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Medium Term Plans

Please feel free to explore the Medium Term Plans for your child's year group. Here are some things to consider:

Each KS2 year group has five overarching topics per year to inspire our children, with a particular subject focus: Art, Geography, British History, World History and Science. This is not to say that those subjects will not be taught at other times, but they are focused on in those Units.

The topics are specifically sequenced throughout the year so that knowledge and skills is continually built up and children can make connections. For example, due to the chronology, our Year 5 children will be able to use their prior learning about the War of the Roses to understand better their topic on Tudors and Stuarts.

KS2 have fewer topics, so they can really explore those topics in depth. However, KS1 and EYFS have more topics, and so they acquire a vast array of knowledge to improve their understanding of the world.  

We try not to put time limits on the topics we do, because if a topic is engaging and the children are responding well we don't want an arbitrary date to signal the end of a topic. Similarly, if a year group feel the need to amend the order in which they teach the topics, they are empowered to do so. 

What is in the Medium Term Plan, may not be completely reflective of what is taught in class. Our teachers are empowered to be creative and take their topics in a different direction given the needs and interests of their current year group, especially if they are inspired. Even though the subject matter might change, the specific skills (see progression of skills documents) will still be covered. 

UNCRC and Global Goals are linked to each topic. However, as our 'UNCRC Journey' has developed we have improved to organically cover a range of 'Articles and Goals' throughout our learning - not just the ones identified on the Medium Term Plans. Our teachers and students are inspired by these articles as they resonate strongly with our mission of 

We are always looking to improve our curriculum outlook, therefore sometimes topics may change from one year to another. This year we introduced a unit on Black British History in Year 4, which really inspired the pupils and staff. Similarly, our Year 2 team are excited to teach their Australia topic later in the year.