School Councils

     George Spicer Rights Respecting School Champions

Our RRS champions are a group of representatives from every class in the school. There is one child per class and they are responsible for leading the way, alongside staff members, in ensuring our community know and     understand their rights. They feedback about the rights they have been learning about and how they would like to move forward. They have a big job to do! This year we really hope to get the Champions up and running, helping to lead the way on key events such as BBC Children in Need and UNICEF Day for Change.



      Travel Council

This year, the Travel Council objective is to  reduce the number of children travelling to school by car and     encourage the use of car shares, scootering and use of public transport. Currently we are a new council with   a new leader so watch this space for the next initiative following our Year Two Scooter Training!            

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        School Council

School Council representatives consist of a child from each class. The children who are selected to be on the council are responsible for sharing their ideas with their peers and sharing what they have discussed with the other council members. They are also responsible for attending meetings and raising any issues that their classes may have. We discuss current issues that affect our school and think of ways to make the school a better place. The school council meets every two weeks.


   Eco Council

The Eco Council consists of a child from each class in the school from Reception upwards. They are responsible for representing their class and feeding back discussion and actions from Eco Council meetings.
We meet every other Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Thomas and Mrs Waters. Our focus this year is on taking care of our school environment and suggesting improvements. We promote sustainability, recycling and not wasting energy. We aim to make the whole school community more aware of and care for our immediate, local, national and global environment.