KS2 Spring Term 2017

Yr6 Crimson are reading Carries War 

'Carrie's War' by Nina Bawden. It‟s wartime and Carrie and Nick have been sent to live with the strict Mr Evans, and his kind sister. Gradually they begin to settle in, but then Carrie does the worst thing she ever did in her life…

“It‟s factual, because it tells us about children being evacuated, but in a fun and exciting way” Oliver

“The story is really good because you feel like you are actually there.” Amelia

“The story is an adventure and I like Carrie because she is an interesting character” Rubi

“You‟ll laugh, you‟ll cry. It‟s a great book for anybody interested in WWII” Anastasia

“A magical book, based on an amazing journey” Robert

We look forward to hearing all about Yr6‟s literacy journey each week.