Rights Respecting Day -2016

This year Rights Respecting Schools day was held on Thursday 28th April and focused on supporting UNICEF UK’s annual fundraising campaign, Day for Change. The children learnt about UNICEF's work to protect the children of Syria through the following UNCRC articles:

  • Children have the right to a good standard of  living  (article 27)
  • Children have the right to protection in times of war (article 38)
  • Children have the right to help if they are a refugee (article 22)

Our RRS ambassadors organised a fundraising day to raise money for the UNICEF Children's Emergency Fund to provide support for children in areas effected by war. They aimed to spell out 'George Spicer Day for Change 2016' in coins and held a crazy hair day on the 6th May.  If you'd walked around George Spicer on that day you might have thought you'd stumbled into a Dr Zeus film set. There were hair do's stacked high, colourful fro's and wild wigs too. What's more, every classroom was full of smiling children.  Money raised will ensure more children have food, are clothed, have educational resources or access to schools, a safe place to live and immunisations/health care. Thank you so much to all those who got involved and donated and sported a crazy hair do! 

Here are the RRS ambassadors showing off George Spicer's excellent efforts for day for change:

And here are just a few of the fun hair styles the children came in with today: