Welfare & Medical

Meet our Welfare team:

Welfare Officers

Mrs Cassidy - Kimberley Gardens

Mrs Arnold (Part-time) - Kimberley/Sketty 

Miss Barker - Sketty Road 

Please Keep us Updated

It is the parent/carer's responsibility to keep the school Welfare team informed and updated of relevant medical needs or information about your child.  If your child has an existing or recently diagnosed medical condition such as asthma, allergies, hearing or sight impairments, eczema, diabetes or epilepsy please advise us immediately so that a care plan can be put in place. 

Administration of medicines

It is preferable for the parent/carer to administer medicine whenever possible. If parents are unable to do this, please contact the Welfare officers to discuss the matter. 

Welfare staff will only administer medicines prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber

Medicines will only be administered on the basis of an individual health care plan or where agreement is given for specific written instructions provided by the medical practitioner.  Verbal instructions will not be accepted.  Changes to the administration of medicines must be by way of new written instructions by the prescriber, a new prescription or new labelling by the pharmacist or dispensing practice.

Staff should never give a non-prescribed medicine to a child; these should be administered before or after school by parents.

Accidents/Accident Slips

Green Slips

Should your child come home with a green slip this will indicate the following;

Light Green - Grazes, bumps and minor injuries 

Dark Green - Bump to the head.  All major injuries will be followed by a call to Parent/Carer. 

Further details of the incident will always be disclosed on the slip as well as the details of the person who has cared for your child.

In the event of your child having an accident at school  which requires further medical treatment, we will contact you or the designated emergency contact. Please ensure that your contact details are kept up to date at the school. 

Hearing/Dental/Height and Weight Tests

In line with NHS guidance, the school will carry out Hearing Tests and Dental checks for Reception and Yr1 pupils. Height and Weight Tests are carried out in Reception and Year 6.  Should any concerns be raised from these tests, the school nurse will write to the parent/carer directly. 

Head Lice

Head lice are spread by direct head to head contact. They climb from one person's hair to another's. Scratching the head is a common indication that a child may have nits (eggs) or live lice (insects). We encourage parents to check their children's hair regularly and treat if necessary. NHS guidance on treating Head Lice can be found by clicking here.

We are a Nut Free School

George Spicer is a nut free school and we have pupils who have severe allergies to nuts. To avoid any potential risk of anaphylactic shock, which is a life-threatening condition, we have a policy that nuts or nut products are not brought into school at any time.


Although the school has Welfare resources, we always welcome donations of wet wipes and boxes of tissues.