School meals

 School meals at George Spicer are provided by Enfield Catering Services, cooked on site in our kitchens. The menu  is on a three week rota. Please see the link below to view the current menu. More  information about Enfield  Catering Services can be found on their website

  Spring Menu 2020

Enfield Catering Services Newsletter 

School meals & ParentPay
School meals cost £2.50 per day. We use a cashless system called ParentPay for the collection of School dinner money. You can also pay through local shops where the PayPoint logo is visible. 

Free School Meals
All pupils in Reception, Yr1 & Yr2 are entitled to a free school meal. However it is important that you register your child for Free School Meals.  If you wish to know if your child could be entitled to free school meals, or you have not registered already please ask for a form at the School Office or ring Enfield Council Pupil Benefits Helpline on: 020 8379 5367. 

Packed lunches

If your child has a packed lunch please make sure their lunch box is clearly labelled and does not contain any sweets or nuts and no fizzy drinks.  At George Spicer we are committed to healthy eating. Please click here for healthy lunchbox ideas. 

Changes in meal choice
If you wish to switch your child to a school meal or a packed lunch, please notify the School Office in writing, giving a term's notice.