Useful Websites

We have selected a few educational websites to support with learning at home. - How to NOT go to School

In addition to this, the children use Education City to enhance their learning.  In KS1 it is also used as a home learning tool to support and consolidate their work in the classroom.



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Instrumental lessons

The Enfield Music Service (EMS) 


Primary Interactive
Woodlands Resources
Top Marks


Woodlands Resources
BBC Bitesize
Literacy ICT Games
Crickweb Resources 


BBC Bitesize
Science Kids 


ICT programmes and apps used in School 
Phonics and Reading Games

Year 1:

ICT programmes and apps used in School
Crickweb Literacy
BBC Schools Geography


Year 2:

ICT programmes and apps used in School
Everyschool History 
Top Marks History

Year 3:

The Romans are coming
The Roman Empire
The Sword in The Stone

Year 4:

Ancient Greece BBC topics
Ancient Greece History for Kids
1Facts on Ancient Greece
University of Manchestor History of Greece

Year 5:

Science Kids Space Facts
Space Facts
Kids Astronomoy
Facts About India
National Geographic - India
Fun River Facts
Facts About Rivers For Kids 

Year 6:

Woodlands Junior Resources - World War 2
BBC World War 2 History
Woodlands Junior Resources - The Tudors
BBC Tudors History