We aim to provide a broad, balanced relevant and inclusive curriculum and to identify and support those children who have special educational needs in order to ensure that they gain maximum access to all areas of school life. We aim to create an atmosphere of encouragement and support in which self confidence and self-esteem can grow, where individual needs are met sensitively and achievements are acknowledged, so that all children feel valued and able to risk making mistakes as they learn, without fear of criticism. All staff in school have a responsibility for maximising achievement and opportunity of vulnerable learners – specifically, all teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs. Staff are aware of their responsibilities towards all vulnerable learners and a positive and sensitive attitude is shown towards all pupils at all times.

George Spicer Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

George Spicer SEND Information Report 2019-2020

The NSPCC Schools Service has recently visited all children in years 5 & 6 to provide them with key messages about keeping safe.  It can be beneficial for these messages to be reinforced at home.  Please click here for more information and leaflet.