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Yr5 E-Safety Education Programme

3 May 2017 (by School Office)

Summer 2017 just got even more exciting.

Year 5 ‘My name is Tom’ e-safety Education programme.

During the summer term, Year 5 will be taking part in some very exciting workshops exploring the issues of e-safety which will include...

- An introductory Drama session for Year 5.
- Followed by 4 weekly ninety minute sessions using drama to understand the issues, improvise and share problem solving and a 'public broadcast event' for the school community to develop new strategies.

Throughout the workshops the pupils will be operating as actors to explore these real issues and distance themselves from their own situations, in order to address real problems. Alan Spence, Project Director, will hold an initial meeting with Parents to outline the key objectives of this project and to share experiences and concerns as well as discussing ways to overcome these issues.

The workshop is ready, the director waits, and the room draws it's breath. Superb opening session with George Spicer YR 5.

See you in June.